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Apply online for rescheduled to report for duty

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  • Last updated:2019-09-09
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1、The applicant receives a notification from the branch office to explain the official document to the branch office. If the applicant is unable to report for duty on the day, he/she may apply for a rescheduling to the branch office.

2、If the applicant wants to online apply for rescheduled to report for duty, please submit the application one day before the date to facilitate the undertaker’s work.

  How to apply:
  1.Phone application: 08-7366626#2207。
  2.Fax application: 08-7362427。
  3.Written application address: No.28, Lane 180, Jianfeng Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900。

3、The applicant applies online for rescheduled to report for duty, if the undertaker confirms that this case needs to be confirmed and the applicant is required to be present on time on the date, if necessary, the applicant may not agree to the rescheduling, and the applicant shall still check in on time.。

4、Please specify in the postbox when apply:   

  1.Applicant Name:
  2.Case No.(Don’t fill in if you don’t know):
  3.Undertake Unit(Don’t fill in if you don’t know):
  4.Contact Number and Address:
  5.Report for duty and explain time:
  6.Apply for rescheduled the time of report for duty:


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