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Introduction of Floor

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Introduction of Floor

Building A Floor 1 Convenient Service Center、Chong Section、Inquiry Room
Building A Floor 2 Enforcement Officer's Office 3、Li Section、Yi Section、Shiau Section
Building B Floor 1 Inter-Agency Joint Service Window、Lian Section、Ping Section、Enforcement Officer's Office 1、Enforcement Officer's Office 2
Building B Floor 2 Statistics Office、Jia Section、Auction(Liquidation )Room
Building C Floor 1 Secretariat Office、Nursing Room、Accounting Room、Personnel Room
Building C Floor 2 Director Office、Conference Office、Video Office、Duty Office
Building D Floor 1 Shin Section
Building D Floor 2 He Section
Building E Archive management Room、Case Assignment Room、Store Room
Building F Health Insurance Administration、Statistics Office、Duty Room、Substitute Dormitory
Building G Recreation Room、File Archives Room 1、File Archives Room 2、 File Archives Room 3

Building A Floor 1

Building A Floor 2 Building B Floor 1 Building B Floor 2 Building C Floor 1 Building C Floor 2 Building D Floor 1 Building D Floor 2 Building E Building F Building G

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