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Common Problems
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  1. All companies limited by shares have their respective board chairman as the legal representative, so why the Branch still notices directors for report of financial status?2017/8/24

  2. Do I need to come in person for application of payment in installments?2017/8/24

  3. The company of my own received execution order that requires the company to deduct my staff’s salary. Could I just neglect the order?2017/8/24

  4. When transferring bureau’s notification was delivered to my home, I was not at home and my fourteen-year-old son received it but not relay it to me. Is such delivery from transferring department valid?2017/8/24

  5. More than how much money owed one may be prohibited from emigration? How should one apply for release from emigration restriction?2017/8/24

  6. I did not pay health insurance premium for two months after completing military service, but received an execution decree that shows I owe around 20,000. Why such a huge amount?2017/8/24

  7. Administrative Enforcement Agency can obtain information about bank accounts of obligors in all kinds of financial institution. Why it cannot contact obligors by sending mails to their current residential address.2017/8/24

  8. After installation payment is permitted, how should I handle subsequent procedure? After completion of installation payment application, if payment is not handed in on time, what are the legislative consequences?2017/8/24

  9. I’ve received notice of owing license plate tax, but the obligor had died. He lent his identity card to others to apply license, but the borrower did not report the plate obsolete. How should this be handled?2017/8/24

  10. My vehicle has already reported obsolete, why I still receive notification paper that I owe license plate tax?2017/8/24

  11. I didn’t register any corporation or lose personal identity card, but receive execution order from the agency. How should I handle this?2017/8/24

  12. Obligators sometimes come to the agency and ask about where some income, leading to unpaid income tax, comes from. Our officer usually show them supplementary document that recorded when and where the income is reported, but obligators deny such incomes and allege the income reports are usurped by other people. Things like this happen a lot and disturb our execution staff very much.2017/8/24

  13. I’m a temporary employee and be paid not much. But I had been noticed that I have some tax not paid by Administrative Enforcement Branch. I think it must be a mistake, and maybe it’s not authentic. And I wonder how to know the truth?2017/8/24

  14. I don’t have the health insurance ID card. I always see a doctor at my own expense. Do I still have to pay the health insurance premium?2017/8/24

  15. How should I file an administrative complaint against the order of fulfillment by an Administrative Enforcement Branch?2017/8/24


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