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Recently there are fraud companies delivering fake payment notification document under the name of Administrative Enforcement Branch. How should people verify the authenticity of these documents?
  • Publication Data:2017/8/24
Here’s some tips:
1. Easy judgment: recipients of payment notification documents must be one of the Administrative Enforcement Agencies. If the recipient of payment notification document is under some individual’s or companys name, the document must be a fake one.
2. When receiving payment notification document, please call directly to 104 for the telephone number of our agencies and consult our executor for the existence of such a case and other related information.
3. For any notification document issued by Administrative Enforcement Agencies, the title read “法務部行政執行署○○行政執行處”from left to right and with a red official stamp.
4. There are transferring case number below the title, execution case number and reason in upper part of the document, execution officer’s name in right-lower part of the document, recording officer’s name and stamp in left-lower part of the document, contact information such as address, phone number and fax number in the middle of the document.
5. Execution amount is listed under “Amount to pay,” and “Transferring department” lists the name, address, phone number and case number, which can be used for obtaining details of a case.
6. If a fraudulent notification document is spotted, please report to any of our branches by designated phone or fax. Thank you.
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Office Hours:Whole day, 08:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30